Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Cool fishing gadgets

If you are anything like me, you will like fishing gadgets! Below I listed few that you might find interesting. These are not aimed at skill level but rather at just another cool gadget that I found.

The MonoMaster

Monofilament has a life of about 600 years. So consider all of those tippet and leader changes you make, and where the line winds up. You can be vigilant about not tossing mono into streamside bushes, but it eventually has to go somewhere. That somewhere is the MonoMASTER by Grasshopper Outdoor Products, a small, lightweight receptacle that you can hitch to your fishing vest.

Simply stuff the used mono into the spool and turn the handle to trap the mono in the MonoMASTER’s teeth (think of hair on a hairbrush). When you have a full spool, simply discard the mono safely or, better yet, recycle it. 

For it's contribution to helping the angler manage waste monofilament and protecting the environment the monoMASTER has received official endorsements from the Federation of Fly Fishers and a celebrity endorsement from Richard Fridenberg, screenwriter of the classic movie A River Runs Through It. The monoMASTER is available from all major fishing tackle retailers.


The FishCam is a waterproof camera that attaches to a special FishCam float. This then beams back images of your bait and any approaching fish.The angler can then either sadistically watch the bait get consumed (whilst the fish is hooked) or if the fish doesn’t appear that interested move the bait around to make it more appealing.

Some purist anglers are saying this takes all the skill out of the sport, though UK suppliers Sanderson Environmental retorted by saying their opinions were “traditionalist nonsense”. Well I might disagree and say it will be interesting to see the fish's behaviour down there!

Bait Casting RC Fishing Boat

Radio Controlled Completely waterproof boat and very Easy and fun to use with Automatic bait unloader and Wide hall for extra stability. Boat with Forward, Stop, Left, Right, Unload control options and 2 m/s speed on water. Gadgets with 12 month warranty.

With 100% waterproof boat design and ABS durable construction and twin built-in propellers, the boat is capable of moving to your favourite spot at ease. This is also a perfect RC speed Boat for the entire fishing and family to play with while you're waiting for the biggest fish. Let your family and kids help you by load some fish food on the boat and drop them around your fishing spot to attract even more and more fish.

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